As cultivate Cynoglosum

Climate Cynoglosum

This plant is very rustic, easy to confuse with a forget-me (Myosotis sylvatica). It should be placed in full sun or partial shade, is affected by the intense heat.

Plant characteristics Cynoglosum

Herbaceous, biennial, pubescent.
Whole leaves oval-lanceolate, oblong, tomentose in a basal rosette. Blue flowers that appear in terminal cymes. It is grown from seed or by dividing clumps in early spring. Four seeds and fruits with hooked hairs that adhere to clothing.

Land for the plant Cynoglosum

It grows best in loose soils and power drained, does not tolerate waterlogging and favors the appearance of fungi which is very susceptible.

Uses of the plant Cynoglosum

It is used in flower beds, forming lines or in groups. Its flowering is spectacular. It is also used in rock gardens.

Care and cultivation of Cynoglosum

It is sown in flower in autumn and transplanted to their final destination when you have three or four leaves. Note that has a tendency to weedy in dry climates.
Avoid over-watering, is attacked by snails and slugs.


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