As Heather Grow

One of the main features of the heather, lies in being a shrub that withstands without any inconvenience during the coldest months. This feature, under Heath certainly makes this shrub an excellent choice to add color to the garden during the winter.

It is common cultivation in pots, but can be transplanted to a field, adapting smoothly. In a pot leads, heather stand in a good way, needing only irrigation interleaving if the weather is dry.

The cultivation of heather

In relation to the cultivation of heather, if you've decided to plant them in pots, we'll give you some helpful tips. In the first instance, it is important to have a large pan of good size. In this container you must make a hole in the center of the bottom, covering it with a piece of brick.

Then, you fill the base of the pot, approximately five feet of clay. This will generate the necessary moisture and good drainage. Then, with special soil, you must add up to complete a little more than half of the container. The land must be for ericaceous special. The soil should be packed lightly.

Then, making a dug in the center of the earth, places one of the heather, rammed earth, and from heather planted, place the other in a spiral, with an area of 10 centimeters apart.

Transplantation and heath care garden

For Heather transplantation, there are some aspects that must be considered. To remove the plant from the pot, it is advisable to introduce it to the pot in a bucket of water, so will soften and can be removed more easily.

At the time of pulling out the roots so that you do it carefully. To carry the garden, the plant must be well established on the land, and be thoroughly watered at the end of the transplant.

For heath care, it is important to water in times of growth. It is also good to have organic fertilizer and a soil rich in humus and fresh.


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