As is the cherry tree

Talk about cherry implies, from the outset to refer the beauty of its flowers, and delicious cherry fruit that gives this tree. However, the cherry has other attractions, maybe a little less known than the former, but not least important.

A fruit tree, which grows significantly, it can reach more than twenty meters high. The shape of the tree involves a large glass, pyramid-shaped. Its trunk is strong, smooth wood and brown, although in some cases, the wood takes a reddish tint.

Cultivation and care of the cherry tree
The cherry tree is a tree that needs the cold to grow in a good way. This is why, usually, is a fruit found in colder areas, especially in the process of recess.Anyway, can also grow in warm areas, a circumstance that involves early harvest.

The most appropriate forms of care and maintenance of cherry, lie mostly on the type of soil they were grown. The soil should be deep, moist, lime, preferably. If that does not have such soil moisture, irrigation should be given a constant.

In addition to irrigation, fertilization and pruning are two essential aspects for the better growth of the cherry. Pruning should find a good formation of the structure of the tree.


The collection of cherry, cherry fruit, it must be done in the summer months. The flowering cherry is given to early spring, while its fruit ripens from the summer.There are different types of cherry, four to be more specific. On one side is the icing on the gordal, cherry cherry stalk short and English.

The sweet and savory cherry is English, a strong dark red. The icing, meanwhile, is also red but with less intensity. The bigaroon can also be red and black or yellow. Finally, the cherry is short stalk is brown.


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