As we can reproduce the roses

By cuttings:

Cut a branch about 20 cm and keep it moist in a bucket overnight in water where they have added a few drops of growth hormones.
The next day, early morning or late afternoon, take a deep hole with a stick, and insert the cutting into the earth.
Tighten the land and water.
The plant began to take root in the spring.
In summer, if developed suckers should be removed.

Transplantation of the new plant this autumn.
In colder areas should play the roses from cuttings of stems semimaduros.
The procedure is similar to hard wood cuttings, but the planting is done within two pots in spring transplanting outside.

By layering:

It is done in late spring and consists of bending a branch and place it on the floor, after having removed the leaves, holding it so as not to loose.
Cover the stem in contact with the soil with peat and water.
The following year saw off the branch behind the area where there has been rooting and planting that we deem appropriate.

Using pacifiers:

It is also known as plantation division and involves extracting the rooted suckers that occur over the cuttings and plant them directly in the pot or on the ground.

By seed:

It takes place in autumn and is used to reproduce non-hybrid roses from seeds collected from the flowers.
After building up in the refrigerator for 3 or 4 weeks the seedlings were planted in a mixture of peat and compost.
The seeds are covered with sand and protected in boxes.
Germination usually occurs after one year.
Seedlings are transplanted when true leaves have developed.


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