Bulbous flowers in the garden of the house

With naturalization is sought to imitate nature, to obtain results similar to those occurring spontaneously. As regards the bulbs, naturalization usually involves planting lawns, mowing roughly, to its flowering in the spring.

Tools to grow bulbs in the house

If you want to take the naturalization of bulbs, you need a plantabulbos.This tool consists of a circular blade attached to a handle similar to a shovel, which has a lower bar which supports the foot to drive the blade into the turf. With her cut circular pieces of grass, arising from a leaf to the next next for the hole and can ce applied after planting the bulb. Make irregular planting to achieve a natural effect.

Garden Decor with bulbous

For those who lack the time or budget for plantings in solid, or space for naturalization, you may be interested in planting the bulbs and other plants. Once the bulbs away, the solid will bloom.
In a small parterre can have early flowering bulbs that give color to the garden in mid to late winter, some well-chosen shrubs to replace those to mid-spring, and eventually rose to maintain its leading role with lilies and a few months gladioli.
In a scheme of this type will be space for colorful foliage perennials such as peonies, Hosta, Bergenia Kniphofia and as well as some plants or silvery gray leaves.
A small parterre arriante rockery or higher must also have a cadre of small bulbs. Choose from snowdrops, Leucojum, daffodils and some species of tulip, Iris histrioides, Scilla sibirica, Muscari (Nazarenes), etc.
The bulbs planted this way become semi-permanent occupants of the garden. Choose, therefore, continue to develop varieties that can be in one place for several years.

When to plant bulbs in the house?

Plant each bulb in its proper season, not to obtain an artificial combination, but taking into account the role to be played in the various tables that form part. When his withering aerial parts, leave them in place and try not to touch the weed, better, remove them by hand.

Cultivation and care of the flowers of the bulbs

Many bulbs produce excellent for cut flowers. Choose a site where they can admire the plants as they grow and where not miss it when the flowers are cut.
The ideal time to cut flowers begins in February with snowdrops.
They immediately follow the early daffodils, including February Gold is one of the first, ending the parade of varieties in May.
Tulips are best suited to cut the long stem, like those of a Darwin.
Then the tulips and sometimes at the same time, come the lilies that bloom from May to June. These are varieties called Spanish, Netherlands and English. identical requirements and similar appearance. Should be planted from September to October, in rich, clear and preferably in the sun; DesentiĆ©rrelos only when they are very dense
While the lilies, if the c climate is mild, you can plant varieties of Gladioli nanus, which will be developed during the winter and bloom in April and early May. Be warm 0 cool your garden, no doubt you'll be able to pick them grow other gladioli in August and September.This will be planted in April and early May.
Dahlias are great cut flowers, especially the varieties of small and medium size.


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