The Coral and Medicinal Plant

Coral bark, which has emetic properties, was formerly used for dysentery and dropsy.

Description of Coral

Highly cultivated in the conservatories of Europe, the ignita Manettia ranks as one of the most important among the many species of coral. It is a woody vine high, up to eight meters high, with cylindrical branches initially and after hairy hairless, with opposite leaves, petioles short, pubescent, measuring four inches long by 45 millimeters wide, beautiful flowers, usually solitary red-carmine or color of fire and fruit, oval capsules containing black seeds.
Also called the Manettia edwalli coral, which is an ornamental vine and hairless elliptical leaves and large flowers, florets and red. But there are other varieties of coral, such as angustifolia, the Manettia cordifolia, the Manettia glabra, etc.

Coral Cultivation

Plant demanding in relation to climate and that is propagated by seeds.

Technical information Coral

  • Scientific name: Manettia ignita
  • Family: Rubiaceae
  • Synonyms: coral (French), coral, poaiada-praia, Poejo-do-mato, poaia-do-rio (Portuguese).


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