Garden Design

The interesting thing is to find a design method that would maximize the surface of the garden, and also create a magnifying effect, thanks to a considered control components and accessories that make the garden.
Integrating the walls, trees, everything that affects the whole garden, so as to generate small inter-spaces. The fundamental purpose of all work focused on garden design, is to generate a multi, for not only recreation, but also to the movement or rest. It is important that the garden expresses the personality of all household members, to be attached to the house over another device characterization and identification.

What design method to choose?

There are thousands of ways we can choose, all are determined by terrain and accessories you want to use. However, the method of landscaping you to go to choose must comply with these three rules.
  1. The garden should be combined with straight lines exist around with the angles that define the area.
  2. Trees and shrubs form the structure of the garden, while the lawn is the item you must have the highest percentage of surface.
  3. The larger space will dominate over the trees.
In short, the important thing when making the outline of the garden, is to observe carefully the place where it will be built; study soil characteristics, wind, natural light and shadow. It is therefore a balance between what is to be realized and the physical characteristics of space.

The study of garden soil

We recommend a soil study to define the characteristics and accommodate them as they begin to grow. If there was already a garden in the area where we want to work, it is best to plant and build the structure on the largest possible number of previous elements.
The budget should be divided into two, firstly, the expense to put in place, and secondly, the need for maintenance materials. Other factors that may affect garden design, such as the common set of children and animals, or whether it plans to place a device pool or any other decoration.


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