Garden Furniture

 Wood is an ancient building material, but at the same time with a huge force. In the case of garden furniture, we can enjoy the natural beauty of the home, as long as they comply with proper maintenance.

If you want a piece of furniture is functional, efficient construction, wood species you need is teak. It has good resistance to oxidation, care should be focused by applying teak oil (so keep the look authentic) and soap.

The maintenance of timber

Beyond the arguments related to aesthetics and style, there are aspects that are left behind even after you become the accessory for the garden. Almost no one takes into account the climatic conditions of the house, and this creates a high risk of resistance.

The best wooden garden furniture

The different types of raw materials have different characteristics, therefore, we need to look before you decide to purchase furniture, the strength of wood in relation to the adverse conditions that may occur in the garden.

It is critical to note that tortilla and use, so that these elements are transformed into the cause of the durability of the wood.

We recommend the pine as a material for outdoor furniture, the fine structure can not defend themselves against external agents, and this generated which rapidly Afee figure. To achieve wood preservative in external conditions must be cared for with lacquer and waxes.

If we want to save efforts and concerns, the right thing is to choose furniture made of wood with pores closed (iroko, Bangkirai or teak).

Cleaning outdoor furniture

Must always be done with mild soap, since it allows to easily remove dirt clumped, and also in areas where there is no one considers exposure to sunlight, so keep the sun from burning wood. At the end is important to apply teak oil on the surface.


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