Gardens in New York

With modernity, New York has become the most important city in the world. Here you can see a great and impressive works of architecture, there is the center of economy and finance. However, another area which can be highlighted to New York, is by the number and beauty of its parks.

While Central Park is the best known park in the city, there are other, less famous, have nothing to envy. One is the Prospect Park. This park is New York seems to come his way and suddenly, while maintaining a veil of mystery.
After a main arch, the air you breathe Prospect Park without skyscrapers or tall buildings nearby. The peace reigns there, and you can enjoy your entire garden sculptures and well preserved.

Parks in the neighborhoods of New York

After Central Park and Prospect Park, perhaps the most prominent of the city, walking the streets of New York you will stumble across different parks that have the same appeal as those mentioned above.

Kaiser Park, Bryant Park, Fort Greene Park and Riverside Park are among the most prominent examples. Kaiser Park, Coney Island is located in addition to its natural samples shows attractive offers birds that flit about the fishermen in the area.

Bryant Park is located in Manhattan, and is frequently visited by nearby residents.The tall and leafy trees are the main characters of this park. The Fort Greene in Brooklyn, also offers a good example of architecture, especially in its Doric columns.

Finally, the Riverside Park in Harlem, lies at the expense of the Hudson River. Is also an attractive flowers, plants and trees, as well as examples of architecture


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