Green Spaces in Madrid

 In large cities, the care and preservation of green spaces have become somewhat established. Madrid, of course, is no exception. In this city there are a lot of parks and gardens, rated heritage, artistic monuments and natural surface.

One of the highlights of Madrid is the number of trees, reaching a number close to 250 thousand units. In this sense it is only the first Spanish city, but the first European city. In fact, only Tokyo has more trees on its surface.

Different parks and gardens make their way through uptown urbanity and, beyond its environmental role, rather than necessary and indispensable, in Madrid with heavy loads are aesthetic, with unique locations. The following parks will highlight the most impressive of the capital of Spain.

West Park and the Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid

While it is very important to the amount of gardens and green spaces in Madrid, as we said earlier much higher than the average in Europe, we will highlight two parks in this city, with a strong history and an excellent mix between nature and architecture.

West Park has the highest quality in reference to landscaping throughout the city of Madrid. Its design focuses on aesthetics English naturalist, large size of lawns, trees and paths that are determined by the natural walk in the park. It is an ideal place to enjoy nature. Different species of flowers and plants, which highlights their varied rose gardens. The park also offers a unique architecture.

On the other hand, the Parque del Buen Retiro, is in a much more central area of the city. With a lake at its core, this park has some 15 000 trees in its area of 120 hectares. Tree species are varied and impressive. With good architecture, it also offers its rose garden and beautiful walks.


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