How to Apply Feng Shui in the Garden

As we know, Feng Shui seeks through its forms and its philosophy, good and consistent relationship between man and nature. By items, decoration or position of any material or combination of colors and shapes, are trying to achieve a harmony between the elements.

It is important to note that Feng Shui is highlighted and stands out, running more effectively in natural settings.The locations and urban environments, often not suitable for Feng Shui, being more difficult, though not impossible, to adapt it to good effect.

In general, the Feng Shui seeks to reach areas of harmony and peace, where the owner quietly enjoy these attractions.

Garden Design with Feng Shui

The elements and as most commonly used forms and working on the design of a garden in the style of Feng Shui, are the sculptures, plants, pots, water, walls, are some of the most important. In its shape and location within the room or space in which it is located.

Within its forms, working on colors, textures, aromas, the brightness, the location, are points that are taken into account when preparing the garden. By analyzing these characteristics, adapting and combining the elements.

How to develop the garden?

It is important to develop the garden design together with the people they live. Find the right combination and proper ways to achieve a harmony and an atmosphere that would fit everyone.

The key is to reach a peaceful and enjoyable for all, where it can be in peace. Let all who live on site and make use of the garden contribute in the development, is indispensable for achieving the objectives.


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