How to care or Palms

Palm trees can be planted both inside and outside the home. This will grow if s ele da hardwood care she deserves.This can be sown in a masseter or in a garden. There are different kinds of palms, but the highest can exceed 35m in height. If you choose to purchase a palm tree for your home should know how high will this one, the number of arms that will develop and amount of fertilizer needed as time to grow up healthy. You should also find out the lifetime that will last, and each time you should prune and in what form. Must take into account the moisture it needs and the daily lighting must be given as long to remove from the masera to change to a more broad.

At the time of pruning the palm trees, each tree must treat individually, as not all develop in the same way. The only time you should prune these plants is when there is a detachment of leaves. According to experts in the garden, pruning is recommended in a period of three to five years, and in the spring and summer. When fence to make the pruning should be noted that only need to remove the dead leaves, leaves that cause discomfort and be just trimming up a crown of green leaves. 

If you have to change the palm of the plateau where it is located in a much more extensive. The first thing you should do is determine the height, size and weight of the tree. Since these plants require great attention and care to ensure proper growth and healthy. It is recommended when planting this palm, which is fitted a rather deep hole and open on the sides, so that their roots develop well. It is also advisable to carry out transplants in warm days and plenty of water to water them at the time of transplanting and after the job


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