How to create the Botanic Gardens

The Botanical Gardens are institutions that arose from ancient times. This kind of garden party at present, possible different public or private. In the Botanic Gardens being sought to preserve, study, preserve and disseminate a group of vegetation at selected times or casual, care and maintenance, providing information about the plants found there and studying their characteristics.

Botanic gardens are generally responsible for the care and maintenance of plants around the world, with the intention of generating interest in visitors, offering different types of vegetation in different places.

However, some do not take care of plants from around the world, but that focus on specific vegetation types, studying in depth the characteristics and their derivations, refined at plants in particular.

How do the Botanical Gardens?

As mentioned, the objectives and forms of action that occur in the Botanical Gardens are very marked. After the end of the preservation, care and dissemination of information, which is generated by studies in the same place.

By the conservation of plants and forms of vegetation, Botanical Gardens have in their facilities with local species and exotic species. In some of these gardens, the focus has changed, focusing solely on the conservation of endangered plants.

On the other hand, in the Botanical Gardens also carries out research. In this way we study the behavior of vegetation adaptation to a foreign habitat, among other things. The information is obtained, usually useful for agriculture or medicine.


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