How to give your garden maintenance

If your patio has a reasonable size and has good soil and low maintenance perennial, probably need to spend no more than three hours per week to maintain the garden.

Some recommendations

Perennials require little maintenance, but demand for health care and appearance.

We can divide the garden maintenance in two processes

  • ensure the health of your garden
  • maintain its appearance.

How to beautify the garden?

After guarding the health of your garden, there is only dedicated to making your garden this gifted beauty. The tasks that tend to beautify the garden are:
  • consider the color scheme
  • insert stakes into the ground
  • cut spent flowers
  • soil mulching

How to improve flowering?

Pinch is a technique that achieves beautification and bushy compact plant production. Pinch the plant is to take place that is developing on the stem, compressing it with your thumb and forefinger.

You must pinch the plants bloom in spring and early summer in the period of development. The risk of pinching is to rule later blossoms without realizing it.


If you practice proper watering, you warrant to your garden one of the ways to stay healthy. A point to note is that if your plants do not die orderly pick up moisture.

Irrigation Systems

  • Fixed: Mounts inside the garden and is usually linked to timers that manage to water the lawn even when you're not there. We normally see these systems in the public gardens.
  • Portable: Can be moved to where the need and cost less in relation to the fixed irrigation. Within this system of irrigation, vital for the maintenance of the garden home, we find: portable hoses, sprinklers, etc.


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