How to make a garden?

At the time of the first intense cold, the first frosts and strong winds, it is important to start with a series of measures in our gardens, balconies, especially if the balcony is to a considerable height. In the first instance, a good initial step is to put a kind of wall or tree species resistant plants.
To recommend this coniferous species, like yours, and cypress trees, juniper. In contrast to trees function as a barrier to wind or cold, you can also choose shrubs such as cotoneaster and Callistemon. Another alternative is to opt for a decorative element which, in turn, fulfills the function of barrier.
Wooden walls, curtains, mats, woven reeds or partial shade fabrics are some of the options that can be functional to effect cover or shroud containing species in the garden from the balcony.

Species suitable for balconies

In the event you opt to plant a tree on the balcony, both citrus and persimmons are the best choices. These species flower and bear fruit in containers larger than the average of 50 square centimeters. On the other hand, there are species of ornamental trees.
On the other hand, the jasmine in various species is a good flower for balconies. If you choose jasmine, pruning is recommended in the autumn months, in order to maintain good form. The violas, marigolds, the flirty, primroses, pansies and violets, are suitable and elegant flowers for the cold months.
Finally, in the case of shrubs that bloom in summer should be guarded with ferrous and granular fertilizers.


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