How to Prune Roses

Prune once a year (January or February).
Pruning plays a dual role:

To shape the plant and avoid possible awkward appearance.
This pruning will take place just before the spring and late autumn.
Another good way to stimulate flowering is to remove the dried flowers.

To stimulate plant growth and prevent possible diseases or because they have dried, either having disease.
Pruning should be carried out over the yolk.
Must be a clean cut with sharp scissors and disinfected.
Should be cut diagonally with respect to stem and parallel to the direction of bud growth.
Pruning is possible at any time if you want to cut off the flowers are withered.
If we plant a bare root rose immediately after performing the appropriate tasks of securing the specimen, fertilizer and irrigation, there should be a pruning of the plant, cutting all the branches so that we stay with a length between 20 and 30 cm .
This will get a renewal and strengthening of the plant.
Requires a well-worked soil to maintain moisture, composiciónácida (pH around 6.5) so it is best planted in deep soil rich in organic matter, a mixture of heather, chestnut and manure well formed but at the same time, not retain water.
Can not bear the warm land, applying fertilizer limescale.
The planting of roses can be done from mid-December to late March or early April, but prior to the planting of the same should be preparing the ground that it may begin in mid-September.
The most important is the realization of the holes and the proper preparation of the compound.
The holes should have a depth between 40 and 50 cm.
The compound must be fertile and possess both a high capacity to retain moisture, but avoid waterlogging.
The best thing is to do a mixture of manure and peat, ensuring that the pH is around 6.5.
If the soil is very acid lime was added.
Otherwise, the alkalinity is reduced by adding manure.
We must prevent the soil is sandy or limestone and in any case that is moist and not water logged.
Generally, the copies must not be planted too close together to encourage the movement of ire among them and sun exposure.
Nor should we leave them too far apart, because the lack of mutual protection can bring too dry.
Planted conditions depend on the types of roses.

Distance between individuals 30-40 cm.
Place site in containers, south-facing wall about 50 feet away from it.
In large containers or the ground.
Requirements fertilized and watered frequently, especially copies of terrace.
Roots shaded and moist.
Provide adequate support monthly payment.
Placing drainage material at the bottom of the container.
Support copy with a tutor.
Do not tighten the bonds too.
Watering any month with liquid fertilizer.
Fertilize once a year, especially in spring with manure when they are planted in the ground.
When planted in pots, the manure is too strong and can burn.
In this case, a subscriber with a specific product is right florist.
In general we always pay after planting and pruning.


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