Jazmin Features

Jasmine is a plant that is known usually as aromatic plants. However, this is not an exact category, then, the aromatic, we are a species in itself, but belong to different families and groups of plants.

Jasmine is a shrub, vine, with the characteristic of being aromatic. While not the exact definition of Jasmine, is the best way to recognize their characteristics. His character climbing plant, involves growing at the expense of others, using them as guides.
Leaving aside the technical details of the Jasmine, we say that is a plant with beautiful flowers, marked clearly by the attractive aroma it gives off. This plant is ideal to decorate any garden, whether an indoor garden as an outdoor garden.

The best care for Jasmine

It is clear that irrigation is an essential action for the whole plant. Jasmine should be sprayed continuously, however, should not be watered her flowers, as this would mean the deterioration of them. And, as we know, Jasmine flowers are the main attraction for planting and growing in our garden.

In direct relation to cultivation, it is desirable to locate the base of jasmine in a place where shade prevails. Le freshness of the earth helps plant roots, enhancing their growth. The fertile soil, in addition to fresh, are ideal for planting the jasmine.

Being a typical tropical plant, growing in different climate regions imply a greater care in relation to low temperatures and high winds. Turning to irrigation, the constancy of this is determined by its location, ie if Jasmine is located in the garden, a weekly watering will be enough to, if the Jasmine is in a pot, we recommend three or four times a week. Thus, the plant will grow in good health


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