Learn how to grow the crop Amarillys

Plant characteristics Amarillys

Bulbous plant with leaves linear or oblong, long. Its large flowers are very attractive, grouped in umbels, and sustained on a scape, a variety of colors ranging from red, white, pink to orange, sometimes with grooves according to variety. Fruit capsule with flat black seeds. It is grown from seeds and bulbs separation of children, case in which plants take about two years to flower for the first time.

Land for the plant Amarillys

Like most bulbs, it is important to plant it in the appropriate substrate, essentially an excellent drainage and organic matter hangover.

Pests and plant diseases Amarillys

Is attacked by aphids, thrips, scale insects, snails and slugs that feed on the leaves. Also by bacteria and viruses that cause red or yellow spots on leaves. In soils with poor drainage are attacked by fungi that rot the bulbs.

Where Amarillys cultivate?

Although not widely used for flower beds, it is interesting to take them into account as many species are evergreen and collaborate on the structure of the bed. Others, like most bulbs, they have the surprise caused by a spectacular flowering.

Plant Care Amarillys

It is important before planting bulbs, make a good basic fertilization with organic matter. It is a species suitable for cultivation in pots, even indoors, so it is important to choose the appropriate container provided with a good base of stone or leca to facilitate drainage and a good substrate. Leaving one third is planted bulb exposed to the surface. Increasing the amount will be watered as it approaches the flowering stage.


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