Learn to care for Aralias

Now is the time to look for the farthest aralia heating. Moreover, if the temperature for many hours a day is high, they should bring it to the terrace and will seek a protected site.Although you need light, does not tolerate direct sun either inside or outside the home and asked for water so fair: moderate water applied with a frequency that would prevent the substrate is dry.
If you have grown enough to change the pot, takes advantage of this fall and winter months to do so. It's your time to rest, when leaves stop producing new ones.
In the spring, will hit a growth spurt, both across and along that will surprise you. If you want to keep it in good shape and with dimensions adjusted to where the expose, submit it to prune soft cutting only small outbreaks.
If you purchase an important development and will see fit to put it on the site, do it without hesitation supports rubbing, pulling and drafts. It is worth spraying the foliage occasionally or wet wiping their large leaves to achieve a healthy and radiant glow.
If you have a chance to plant it in soil, you'll see in a couple of years, it becomes a copy of two meters in height that will leave beautiful clusters of white flowers.

Common Problems of Aralias

  • Leaf Loss: Excess heat or lack of moisture. Apply a rejuvenation pruning, cutting the stem at 20 or 30 cm of the root.
  • Foliage yellowish: lack of iron. Incorporate into powder form of chelates. A tablespoon is enough on earth.
  • Aphids: fighting with insecticide dimethoate. Just one spraying.
  • For aralia leaves look healthy and shiny, just spray them with water from time to time or they pass a damp cloth.


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