Learn to prune shrubs and trees

The pruning of both trees and shrubs, has different advantages according to the different species of plant.For example, timber trees are pruned with the objective of having the highest quality wood. In the case of fruit trees, the goal is to get better and more of fruit. In the case of plants we have in the garden, pruning ensures a healthy growth.

Anyway, that pruning is adequate and effective, it must take into account some important aspects for the result is the best. For example, if done too much pruning, the plant will attempt to recover the lost, return to equilibrium. With proper pruning too much, it is possible that there is a budding abundant, and given food and energy that this requires will mean in weakening the plant.

How to perform pruning

Make a pruning, always mean energy expenditure for the plant. This is why, making it the best way is to be achieved non-excessive loss of energy and food.The appropriate court must be made at the height of the wrinkle of the branch. The plant, through the partitioning process by which heals the wound, separating the fabric cut a new one. This expenditure will be less if done correctly.
In the case of shrubs, pruning is done after flowering. This will remove all dead branches, damaged or crossed. Also be done by pruning from the outside, the emergence of the external branches, which do not affect the overall composure bush.
In the case of trees, pruning can be done at any time of year, with the exception of freezing weather and spring. Usually takes place in the month following spring.


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