Learning to cultivate Snowball

Climate of the snowball

Supports the cold, provided that it is protected from winds. Should be planted in sun or partial shade.

Plant characteristics

Shrub 1 to 4m tall, deciduous, oval, hairy on the underside, taking an attractive reddish hue in the fall.White flowers without perfume, united in cymes umbelliform. The outer flowers are larger, sterile and fertile interior. Red berry fruit.Propagation is by cuttings, air layering and division of clumps.

Land for the plant

Needs to be planted in deep, fertile, moist but well drained and that does not withstand waterlogging. Fits coastal areas.

Uses of the plant

Has been located in the gardens as solitary, associated in beds, forming structure, or edges of ponds and lakes.

Plant Care

For best flowering, fertilize in spring with a product rich in potassium, or fall with well composted manure. Pruning should be in tipping once the bloom.


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