The light in plants

Light is the fundamental element for plant life, thanks to her function as plant chlorophyll that results in the production of chlorophyll and oxygen released into the atmosphere, the first step in the synthesis of all other elements that plants synthesize ( sugars, fats, proteins, vitamins ...). The chlorophyll to plants is as important as the hemoglobin in our blood and also the molecule is very similar! .

But do not live by bread alone man, and in the same way plants need, in addition to chlorophyll, absorb soil minerals to build with the carbon in CO2 from the atmosphere, all these compounds we've seen. This is done through the hairs from their roots and always dissolved in water.

The minerals are in earth, as our plants are grown in almost inert substrates (only serve as support) require the addition of mineral elements (fertilizer) dissolved in irrigation water or mixed with the substrate to dissolve the irrigation.


Your plant will be much better if you cared. Make sure that the site where the place is well lit. But make no mistake. The light that plants need in the house is not the sun or electric light. Is sunlight. It is this clarity that would allow you a picture without flash in a room. Forget about placing more than one day the plants in a room obscu-ra.

But plants do not live in the sun? Indoor plants not; the exterior if not all, mu-chas live in shaded sites. Search engines for your house plants have been selected from the jungles those living on the second level, or under the canopy of large trees. For this reason indoor plants, in general, have large leaves and showy because that capture more of light and that the internal elements of the jungle the luminosity is low. Something like solar panels, the larger the more light (energy) stores. Ele-tected were thinking at home, inside, there would be no direct sun, but rather have an indirect source of light, like in the jungle.

The lack of quantity of light makes the plants are "stretched" or "Ahilan", ie the distance between the leaves grow longer and improperly seeking the source of light. 

Change of situation, according to season

Change site plants depending on the season, always seeking the light is a very good habit. The plant will reward you with greater vigor


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