Lily Cultivation

Upright rhizomatous plant, 20 to 50cm tall, sword-shaped leaves of 20 to 40cm long, pointed, dark green.Flowers arranged in bundles with flat outer tepals and white with mottled brown center and clawed blue interior, with brown spots. It multiplies by division of rhizomes, a division of clumps or through small plants that produce flower stalks.

Care and use of lily missions

Ideal for edges of ponds and cover in shady areas. In the middle left is where it best flourishes. Its flowers are very striking, although each one lasts a few hours open, shown over a long period.
This plant is very rustic, but often attacked by slugs and snails that detract from their appearance.

Climate missions lily plant

Warm to hot, cold does not support or intense cold. It grows best in partial shade or shade.


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