Olive Cultivation

El Olivo, a historic tree and important tradition, has an origin in the Mediterranean coast. Also, now grown and planted in different regions of the world, which offer favorable climatic conditions for adaptation and growth.For this reason is that this tree can be achieved relatively easily in various garden shops.

The olive tree is a tree that can reach a considerable height, so it is very important to study and evaluate the appropriate site for planting. It is possible to plant it in pots, but after a few years is recommended transplanting to a bigger place, whether land, a garden or orchard.

Olive cultivation is simple. In perennial species has a very strong tolerance to frost, while the weather conditions that can affect temperatures are high and dry winds.The circumstances of high temperatures, affects Olivo in times of flowering.

Necessary conditions for the cultivation and growth

One of the conditions necessary for the proper growth of the Olive, is the presence of abundant amount of sunlight. On the other hand, is characterized by very good way to resist drought and salinity resistant and limestone soils.
In relation to the care of the Olive Tree, it is important to protect them against the various pests that attack. While there are many pests that attack to Olivo, the most problematic are the olive moth, the mite of the Olive and Olive fly.

For the olive moth, is necessary to use chemicals. It is a small moth, which attacks during periods of spring, new shoots. The mites, however, is far more damaging than the moth. To try to address this scourge Olivo will need a good treatment based on organophosphates. The fly is the most dangerous pests to Olivo. For her it is necessary to use chemicals.


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