Ornamental gardens

Ornamental gardens are characterized by the choice and mix of different types of plants and flowers, looking for a strong aesthetic sense, both in form and in its design.Ornamental plants generally occur as native plants. This refers to plants already adapted to the climate where they are going to plant and let grow.
The hallmark of ornamental gardens, is manifested in the mixture of vegetation similar climates. What is sought is the mixture of plants of the same climate, but with features and details and exotic own.
What is sought is a combination of both shapes, colors, textures and aromas. The ornamental gardens do not correspond directly to a current style, but that its design characteristics, the reasons are based on personal tastes and combinations that are based on who makes them.

Elements that are used in ornamental gardens

As mentioned, one of the most common in the ornamental garden are native plants and flowers, typical of the same climate, or resistant to it is awarded.Therefore, the variety of vegetation that can be used is very wide and very diverse.

In turn, it all comes down to plants or flowers, but you can also choose shrubs and trees. In many cases, there is the peculiarity that the plants are chosen and intend to keep, have to maintain them with plenty of water.
In these cases, what to do if you have a good amount of water, is to opt for a different species, or decided by only a few types.
The variety, as we said earlier, is very diverse, so always be able to get some kind of plant or flower that can come to fruition.


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