Plants to decorate terraces

The creation of a garden on a terrace, balcony or courtyard is ideal for those living in urban circles, and do not have green spaces that surround your home. For these cases, it promotes the realization of garden spaces such as terraces or balconies. We must first clarify that the species and the maintenance of a garden on a terrace not be the same as those of a conventional garden.

In the first instance, we note that species are going to plant are determined by the characteristics of the deck and the environment. The usual climate of the city, the number of hours of sunshine it receives such a space and moisture. Not be the same on a balcony garden constantly lit by the sun, an indoor garden moist. The species planted are different.

Moreover, in these types of gardens is essential to use planters and pots, so the design and decoration of the garden, these elements are important. The land base is recommended to use sand, garden soil and peat. The pots and containers should have holes in the bottom covered by stones and gravel, a matter of generating a good drainage.

Species of plants and garden maintenance

Among the various species that are conducive to the cultivation in terraces, are as follows: within the flowers suggest the Begonias, geraniums, daffodils, tulips, chrysanthemums, fuchsias and Thoughts. Among the roses, climbers recommend. In turn, we also recommend shrubs, including holly, azalea, Broom, Laurel and Cotoneaster.

According to the care of plants terraces, we recommend that will be watered three to four times a week. In turn, the earth can help with payment. The pots or planters give little room for growth of the plant, so the constant moisture is essential, and the quality of the substrate. 


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