Retama culture

Shrub 2 to 4 m high, erect, branching abundant dark green with a few small leaves.Large flowers golden yellow, showy, very fragrant, arranged in terminal clusters. Fruit vegetable, covered with fine reddish-brown hair. It spreads by seeds in the fall.

Floor Broom

Very hardy species, adapted to different soil types clay, calcareous, sandy and well drained poor.

Care and use of Retama

It is a plant that is used for its hardiness in places with slopes, to consolidate banks and edges of paths. It is used in medium and large gardens as one isolated, to form green fences combined with other shrubs, or to form in very large clumps.
To achieve compact development and better flowering should be pruned in early spring. Only prune branches that are badly designed and poorly. Every two years to renew the foliage is pruned to 40cm of soil, once the summer.


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