Rose Care

It is a plant grown outdoors, in general, requires exposure to sunlight, but does not like hot or windy weather.
Must be placed in a ventilated place, where the temperature does not exceed above 25 º C.
In general, can be grown in warm climates, with a temperature range between 15 º C and 25 º C, but his favorite is the Atlantic climate.

In colder climates the roots must be protected from frost, by a good mulch.
It can withstand temperatures below -10 º C, although lower temperatures can ruin the flowers and damage the roots, should not be protected.
To avoid the temperature contrast that occurs in these places when the sun rises over the cold nights, it is appropriate to semi-shade planting, so the sun did not burn after thawing.

If you want to grow it inside, we should avoid being in a place too dry, for it will make frequent watering and spraying to increase the humidity.
It does not support overly warm rooms, hence difficult to successfully live in a heated building or in a room whose temperature rises above 15 º C in winter.

Another problem that presents its cultivation, especially indoors, is the ease with which the petals emerge when handling the plant.
This same problem is present those specimens grown in pots outdoors, hence we should not move the pot.

You have to water regularly, especially in summer. If it is small pots during this season, you should water every day, especially when it comes to miniatures, in small pots, with little moisture retention.
With this type of fish it is convenient to water twice a day, if the rosebush is exposed to sunlight.
With larger pots should be done every two or three days.

In general, we recommend that the pots have good drainage, since, if the water stagnates, will facilitate the emergence of many diseases.
It would have to place the pots, so that excess water does not touch the roots.
When the pot is inside a container if water outlet, we recommend emptying all the water just after watering the plant once it has drained all the water.
Do not want to place the pots on top of dishes.

The larger specimens planted on the ground and once rooted are well able to withstand drought better.
Although, especially in summer, it is inappropriate to subject them to water stress too long.

After planting and growing season or bloom, should be watered frequently, preventing the soil is dry.
Under no circumstances should wet the leaves or flowers during the day, because water droplets act like little magnifying glasses to the sun and can burn.

A good spray after the sun sets is very suitable for these plants that require good humidity.
To retain soil moisture is very appropriate to apply a layer of mulch (mulch) made from shredded bark, straw or manure.
This resource is particularly suited to the climbers to be placed on a south-facing wall.


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