Select flowers for indoors

There is no doubt that to cover pergolas and trellises, as a perennial climbing roses is ideal. If what you are looking for flowers in the garden of the house, we invite you to read this text will guide you throughout the work of farming and gardening.

Grow these beautiful roses in your garden

Although evergreen roses are few, allow unusual and attractive choice for the garden. From the point of view of the flowers, the most spectacular is perhaps the Mermaid, with simple yellow flowers that blooms from mid-June onwards and, although it is semi-evergreen, it retains some leaves throughout the winter. On the other hand, is a bit tricky and stems may die to the ground level with a very severe climate.

In this case, the perennial rose leaf is more resistant R. wichuraiana, which has glossy leaves and strands of tiny flowers and clustered.

But its main attraction is its pungent fragrance and the fact that does not begin to bloom until August, when most of the climbing roses are past their prime. It has a second season of color, when covered with small red berries in late October. There are many beautiful hybrids widhuraiana, but none is completely evergreen.

There are two hybrids of evergreen Mediterranean Rose (R. sempervirens) which, although only semi-evergreen, can be applied to the situation at hand. The first is Adelaide d'OrlĂ©ans, whose flowers combine the colors of the strawberries and cream, with a little cream over strawberries are small and true double, as the cherry blossom of Japan, and will open in June. More persistent are the leaves of Perpetua et Felicite sisters, whose white flowers open from crimson buds in July.When these two plants have flourished once again not to do in the rest of the year, but his show is tempting.

Deciduous species in the garden

For the pergola: deciduous species
This does not really matter that the roses are evergreen, so the choice is much wider. You can choose a wild species such as R. helenae, this is a very vigorous plant, so just one or each opposite end of the pergola. During June and July under enormous strands of pure white flowers, individually, they are small but well-grown plant arise literally thousands. In October are replaced by small scarlet berries that last until after Christmas, it is because a plant that gives great satisfaction.

Sometimes, R. helenae takes a year or two to grow properly, but then check very large branches, sometimes up to six meters high in a single season. Youth are very fragile, and should not be attached to the arbor until the season is advanced and the wood is hard. They are also very thorny, and must wear gloves to touch the ground.

Shrubs and climbing roses in the backyard

For something less strenuous, there is much to talk about old climbing roses. In this case you must cut the heads when the flowers have withered and tie new shoots to take their place. The Crimson Shower blossoms in July, remains in bloom until mid September and the flowers are crimson. It is very similar to the former Crimson Rambler, but less sensitive to mildew of roses. For the same reason, the Debutante is preferable to the Dorothy Perkins, forming flowers of the same color pink. If you want an original color flowers, decide on the Weilchenblau or Violette, flowers violet with brown shades, these two varieties without thorns.

A group called shrub roses, whose appeal is that flower continuously, but seem undecided as to the choice of climbing or spread in clumps. Yet shall take gracefully supports the pergola, but is unlikely to reach crossbars. A particularly nice is the Magna layer of red flowers of very similar size to those of ordinary hybrid tea rose. Among others include Dorothy Perkins pink, red Rignold Hugh strong, the naranjaescarlata Danse du Feu and attractiveness Golden Showers, with yellow flowers. They have the advantage of flower from May to September, although they tend to experience two major blooms, interspersed with some little flowers.

There are several strains climbing rose with large flowers, but that only bloom once and are often a wan plants. However, mingle happily with shrub roses. A favorite is the banana, with very fragrant flowers that are almost black when opened. The New Dawn flower is long and silvery pink, while the Climbing Crimson Glory has large crimson flowers.


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