Some tips for the care of indoor plants

Every plant is a creature in its existence, as all living organisms carry out its vital functions: to be born, grow, grow, bear fruit (breed) and death.

But unlike other living beings (animals) lacks the mobility needed to search for more favorable terms to help you survive.

Plants can not keep out the air, cold or rain, nor can the so-alone, sought a living changing places.

This is why each plant is linked to environmental conditions of the site for gift-born and lives in nature. Thus, a need sun, shade and there are others who only live submerged in lakes, while others thrive in desert sites.

Plants can be purchased at any market or store are grown by specialists lists, using current technologies (greenhouses, shade, irrigation sophisticated and always the right temperature), have been able to reproduce the environmental conditions simi-lar to where the plants originate.

When UD. bring a plant home should be aware that this cute, who so lovingly acquired depends only and exclusively for your care, and therefore must know what needs you have. These requirements are indicated at times by some labels next to the name (common and technical), indicate whether they require more or less water, if the sun or shade, or when they bloom. Other times you will have to inquire with the seller, and in the end, there's always the book, if you know either the name as a source of information.

Are you absolutely convinced that the success of the life of that plant is only and exclusively in their hands?


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