Tools to make a bun care Jadin

In any activity, the tools are indispensable for its development from a sophisticated computer to a simple hammer. For this reason, in our land is necessary to have certain elements that help us do our jobs more efficiently.
To determine their importance is necessary to assess the extent to fulfill the mission assigned to them accurately and quickly and really well how necessary will be according to the work we usually do in the plot.

Basics tools

On the other hand, the same kind of tool there of various sizes, weights and materials, to select what should follow certain basic principles:
  • Choose the tool according to the user, ie you can handle comfortably. The noble tools that facilitate farming on the parcel will be with us for many years or for life. Better a smaller, easy to take, but we delay a little longer to do the job before choosing a too heavy, that the minutes of work forces us to take a break.
  • Consider the use that will be given. If it is to be used on hard surfaces, for example, you'd better pick a tougher, even if it means paying a higher price, but this way ensures that will last a long time. If it is a soft, not present any difficulty, you can purchase a lower quality will not be very high demands.
  • When you need to choose long-handled instruments, it is essential that its length is adequate for use with your back straight and with a minimum of muscular effort.

Tools to grow

There are hundreds of tools for many agricultural activities, but then we will indicate those that are most used to work in the parcel, the basis on which you may be increasing.
  • Shovel: This tool is essential both for digging, stir the ground or bury the fertilizer. Its handle can be just a stick, or may end in a "T" or "D". Please choose fits easily under its management. A must is to clean each time was used.
  • Wye: This tool usually has four teeth curved upwards and its main purpose is to raise the straw, leaves and twigs, weeds and so forth. With it you can easily load a truck with these elements, without taking the land involved.
  • Laya: In the same way as before, just that their teeth are straight, the spade can fluff, loosen the soil without stirring, integrating compost or manure with their points and uprooting weeds. They are very useful for harvesting potatoes.
  • Hoe: Its main task is to weed, as well as soften the earth. It has a flat blade and is used by pulling the earth towards the user.
  • Hoe blades: It is a short-handled hoe, for jobs that require more detail.They are very useful for removing weeds growing among the vegetables and for gardening.
  • Aza-peak: It is a dual-purpose tool, since one hand is a pick of about 10-12 cm. and at the opposite end has one or two points that used to bite too hard land.
  • Aza-ax: Same as above, except that instead of the tip has an ax that allows destroncar or cut thicker roots.
  • Rake: With its many small teeth provides useful when you need to cleanse the land of clods and stones, to remove twigs and leaves of grass seed and cover. Used dragging it to the user.
  • Pruner : It is essential to perform the work of pruning should be done so often in a plot. Lets cut the branches in a much faster and more efficiently than a knife and come in different sizes and handle lengths, as the work to be carried out. It would be advisable to get a short handle and a long handle, for use in those branches that are canker beyond our reach.
  • Barrow: It really is an element that can not miss on our part. With it you can take bulky or heavy loads with a great saving of time and energy, and in some cases may serve to stir certain mixtures, such as fertilizers.
  • Watering: Although it can not be considered a tool itself, is often very useful for watering seedlings and new sectors of flowering plants, as well as to apply fertilizer.
  • Scythe: The famous tool of the Grim Reaper can also be useful in a plot to cut weeds thrush, if you can get the rhythm that requires management to actually cut. It has been widely used for cutting wheat.
  • Hoz or small sickle: Has the same function of the scythe, but the handle is shorter, allowing for better handling.
  • Pike: A tool widely used by teachers in the building on the plot is useful when, for example, wants to plant a tree in a tough spot. It is ideal for chopping the ground.
  • Axe: This element provides useful when we are cutting down a dead tree or too sick or injured and then to turn it into firewood.
  • Gloves: They are of various types, some thicker spines that prevent the crossing, and other finer rubber in the palm of the hand, allowing the fine motor skills. Your choice will depend on what you intend to do with them and of course which suits you more.
With these tools, plus some that may be adding little by little, you can keep your parcel in perfect condition. If you feel that too, can be acquired according to their most urgent needs, and soon you will see that has a complete collection of them.


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