Trees suitable for the garden

The first aspect to take into consideration when planting a tree in our garden, is the space available for it. The first characteristic that will determine the type and species of tree, since, clearly, can not grow a surplus to the domestic dimensions of green space.
The place where the tree will be planted is also very important. The soil characteristics, the site within the garden are important details which, as it should have a good moisture, with a significant amount of light and with the indispensable food to grow.
Also, another important consideration when planting a tree, is not to affect other plants and flowers that grow in our garden. The tree, after growing, can interrupt the sunlight they need and can take away the food they need.

Tree species suitable for the garden

For the reasons stated specifically in the preceding paragraphs, is the perfect place to plant the tree, is equally or more important than tree species planted.
Going forward, we will highlight some general characteristics of the trees.Categorizing, trees can be conical, weeping, spreading or fastigiate. These differences relate to the shapes of the trees. The area from which it has determined the type of tree.
In a small area, the fastigiate trees may be the best option, whereas if you have more space, trees are also drawn favorable.
In the aesthetic, it is important to know about forms and colors that will once again grown. A good option may be conifers. Within these, juniper, maple, cypress, pine, cedar and maple. Ornamental trees are also classics for the garden. The saskatoon, the Japanese cherry and ginger, will give a touch of color and quality to the environment.


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