Very pretty flowers, the Euphorbia

The Euphorbia are flowers that stand out and highlight all the attractions in the winter months.In these times, the winter, the Euphorbia take strong colors, bold and intense. This flower reaches to understand more than a thousand species, found in various climates, including tropical, subtropical and occasionally in temperate climates. Euphorbia can be found as shrubs, thorny trees, grasses, annuals or perennials being, in some cases.
Especially in temperate zones is where we present the annual or perennial Euphorbia. In tropical or subtropical regions, are characteristic of spiny and succulent, achieving large size. On the other hand, some of the different species of Euphorbia are characterized as endemic, especially in the Canary Islands, is unusual plants such place.

Characteristics of Euphorbia

One of the interesting features of Euphorbia, is its ability to produce a whitish liquid and toxic. This juice flowing when you receive any injury, so lets look to defend themselves when some insect food in their leaves or stems.
Moreover, another characteristic of Euphorbia is to be regarded as hermaphrodite flower. However, it is not. The inflorescences of Euphorbia have unisexual flowers. Each inflorescence has a central female flower surrounded by five male and five sterile flowers, which produce nectar.
In turn, as mentioned above, the most recognizable feature or highlight of the Euphorbia, is the intense color of the leaves, enhancing its presence in the winter months. You can not make a particular color, they vary with climate and species.


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