The water in plants

Quantity, quality and frequency
Problems of water supply:
  • How much?
  • How often?
  • What water quality?

These three unknowns solves a blunt answer: THE NEED EACH PLANT IN EVERY MOMENT. A simple? Okay, but a response unusual in these parts.
Amount of water
Let's be clear: It is shown that over 80% of indoor plants die more by default excess irrigation shortages can also lead to tragedy. So ... what can we do?
Return to the principles: Instructions to buy and especially to observe.Plants generally of tropical origin, they need constant moisture, but flooding ever. Only those of aquatic origin supported either a water intoxication. 
Irrigation frequency
The truth is very difficult to hit. The plants emit signals that we know how to interpret.
  • Leaves flaccid = lack of water.
  • Real bad = over-watering or what is equal to flooding.
But if we expect the signals late. For this observation, observation and monitoring
  • In cold weather = less water. . Most rest in winter, ie have low activity., But if the heating is at full blast eye! Keep away from excessive heat.
Irrigation Systems
On the market there offers gadgets to make you forget about watering. Only those that are based on the needs of plants and not only spare you concerns are valid. Recent research achievements have already reached very interesting. Do not forget that the plant must take the water you need, as needed, and not at the mercy of their own assumptions or promising devices. We recommend Rido is the simplest, inexpensive and perfect for regular watering a plant.
Water Quality
There remains the issue of water quality. Without question the best water that comes straight from heaven. The waters of the houses are very different according to their origin. If you are alkaline, some plants will tell you with the tips of the leaves burned.
Defective water solutions few, only by osmosis purification, until today, removes the salt and the decalcification that remove lime


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