Achieve serenity in your Garden

A creative design will make the garden is more than a simple site for favorite flowers. With a well planned deployment of plants covering a wide palette of colors, textures and shapes, you can create a flowerbed or combinations of both, as in the case of those shown below, transform the garden in the tranquil scene walks or in a charming destination.

A parade of colors perfect

Within the framework defined by a low boxwood hedge, the garden bed of Long Island, New York, gives the walker a variety of different colored flowers. The beds as lively and as well it accomplishes two often depend on the natural environment that have-the boxwood hedge and tall trees of the fund and the elements added by man, in this case a picket fence bordering targeted space.The shades of pink in the flowers of meadowsweet or meadowsweet, yarrow and astilbe are repeated throughout the bed to create a pleasing rhythm. The well-kept box plays a role in contrast to the highly complex and irregular well-planned part of the plants.

The charm of a checkerboard

The smooth alternation of green and gray checkerboard set this solid two different species of Santolina (mugwort), in a garden of Santa Monica, California. The visual appeal, almost hypnotic, is enhanced with a pleasant aroma. Although it is planted in a formal arrangement, the mugwort growing in an irregular manner that avoids a patterned appearance. The bed of perennials gives life to all its colors and complements the casual elegance of the massif, the wrought iron bench, between two potted hibiscus, consolidates this a very special place to stop and to please the senses.

Suggestive double beds

An informal planting scheme has been imposed on what is traditionally a provision of the formal-double bed, and the result is an irresistible attraction for visitors to this garden in Santa Monica, California. One of the two bottom edges is a fence, topped with a trellis, from which plants have high downstream. As a result, there is a cascade of colors, consisting of tender and tough perennial and two rose varieties, which at times invade the path.

A place to rest

In a house in East Hampton, New York state, the border runs along a wooden deck which is an ideal place to enjoy the most attractive features of nature. The design included a lot of perennials and shrubs that bloom from April to October (early spring to late fall). Then, during the winter, evergreen shrubs maintain the force structure and bring their intense color. A high hedge forms the bottom of your own bed, and helps to highlight the color of plants, as well as be a barrier that protects the privacy by separating the terrace from the neighboring yard.

The beauty requires a formal layout

The design invites both stop like a walk on the roads leaving the central core of this elegant garden of Athens, in the U.S. state of Georgia, the symmetry, straight lines and simple curves correspond to the formal style, in the solid and bedding of respect for all other elements of a classic formal planning: a limited variety of plants, a colorful and simple well-defined axes. The different shades of pink cat grapes, petunias and geraniums add splashes of color that echo the warm hue of brick roads. The well-pruned boxwood and yew are alive frames of the beds, and the picket fence serves as a backdrop to the surrounding beds.


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