Learn how to decorate the Garden

The garden is a space in our house less valued for the work they require for their maintenance. However, if you devote the necessary attention, you can make it a special place of rest and relaxation, ideal forescaping the stresses of everyday life.
But how? First we must know the basic guidelines to start decorating, it is not enough that the space is green.
To succeed in changing the appearance, we must know first the climate of our area, whether the weather is cold or warm, we help you choose the right plants for the garden. The second is to determine the type of terrain.Depending on these details will be easier to define if need fertilizers and in what quantities. It's good that well you know theattention it requires each plant to sow, lest they do not last over time due to lack of knowledge.
Another point is to have a design or an idea of what we want for the new space, preferably should be drawn on paper with details of the accessories to be displayed as colored stones, wood sconces, artificial sources, etc. . Even should include the tone of the flowers and plants that will be placed.
If in case you are not sure whether your idea will work, seek the advice of a landscape so that you recommend the changes needed to make your garden a pleasant sight. Now, if your budget does not reach you to see one, lean design magazine, taking the advice and tailoring them to your real space.
After you have started work, have patience, because the work takes time and garden, though at first it seems that nothing happens, only time will show otherwise. It is also good to take into account that manual work with plants is a great relaxation therapy that helps you stay calm and give you great satisfaction.


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