Meet the Robusta Comelina

The robust Comelina grows on the banks of rivers and has strong stem, wide, smooth and slightly reddish. Its leaves are oval and oblique base, measure 10 to 16 inches long by two to six meters wide. It produces flowers and capsules blue color and equipped with three oblong leaflets, which housed small gray seeds.
From the family of ComelinĂ¡ceas should be mentioned, too, for their therapeutic importance, two species: the diuretic or mollis Tradescantia and Commelina communis, both herbaceous.
The first serves as fodder for livestock and has hairless stems, lance-shaped leaves oblong and oblique purple flowers arranged in umbels terminal and capsules are oval and hairless. The Commelina communis grows wild in wet ground on the banks of streams and Gandara. It has branched stems and cylindrical, sometimes erect, others crawling, and oval leaves, pointed and jagged edges eventually. On long peduncles unbutton five to six blue flowers.

Medicinal properties of robust Comelina

Mixed with water, mucilaginous liquid that is extracted from the stem of the robust Comelina used to remove stains from the face. In decoctions, the ground combat dysentery, and in infusions, the ophthalmia.
Both diuretics such as Tradescantia Commelina communis have similar medicinal qualities, with special diuretic, why are recommended for various urinary disorders. Besides that, rheumatism, dropsy and sore throat, and liver and spleen disease, asthmatic bronchitis and orchitis. Externally, the leaves are used fresh, processed into juice, against herpes and itching and in poultices to relieve hemorrhoids.
In homeopathy is prescribed for cases of spasmodic retention of urine, diuresis accompanied by pain, hematuria, burning in the urethra, pain and bladder weight and orchitis.

Indications for Use

Diuretic, sore throat, rheumatism - Decoction: boil for about 15 minutes in a liter of Tradescantia leaves 20g diuretics or Commelina communis. Filter the liquid once it is warm and drink three to four cups per day.

Technical Information Comelina robust

  • Scientific name: Commelina robusta
  • Family: ComelinĂ¡ceas
  • Synonyms: trapoeraba-acu, sweet-ovo, Manobi-acu (Portuguese).


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