More lamps for your garden

Any garden that boasts of its beauty, must have an excellent lighting at night which would show every detail of the plants, especially if you have extensive gardens between areas of the house. To accomplish this task, there is variety of lamps and accessories ideal for landscape lighting and light types that favor the spaces.
Previous recommendations for lighting, it is necessary to know the details of our garden and even the type of plants with which we, according to this defined the style that you want to, and defined the type of light and lamps appropriate. We could even define two types of lighting: simple and complex.
If the garden is small, we mean a simple lighting which prefers the use ofwall fixed in the wall, they come in various forms, from classic designs to modern stylings. Specially used to illuminate entrances and terraces.
It might be that the garden is not so small, but seeks to make lighting easy, so you can place lamps, which must be between 3-5 meters.If using more than one, the distance between them should allow the full area illumination. Besides these, there are other smaller, ideal for lighting the garden path, such as beacons or terminals.
In large gardens, the choice varies because it seeks to show off the variety of flowers and plants, many of which require higher or lower light intensities to be displayed. Among the best known are the reflectors - ideal for lighting and projectors flower-specific to show the foliage of the plants when they are placed at ground level.
If the garden has a swimming pool or water fountain, place projectors directed towards these points in order to highlight the rest there are even accessories to place them under water to highlight the inside of it.
The designs are varied and depend on the style you want to give it to your garden.


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