Plant Care in iniverno

It is impossible to banish the winter of our plants, even indoor plants. You should always take precautions and care, to ensure better health and better growth. In the first instance, advise on irrigation of the houseplants in the winter months.
First it is worth noting that the regularity and abundance of irrigation should be determined by the regular ambient temperature of where they are. If average temperatures are warm, is recommended to continue regular watering, being four times a week.
In the event that the ambient temperature is considerably in the winter, watering should be reduced. In turn, it is not recommended watering the plants in the rain, because the cold can affect the water.

Species of plants and their care

According to health care according to species, we recommend to use a systemic insecticide. Should be sprayed with insecticide at the time this appears spook an insect.
On the other hand, plants such as croutons, ferns or African violets should be removed from the heated rooms. These are plants need high humidity, so the bathroom, if natural light is the best and most appropriate option.
In turn, there are plants that need less light, so they can grow, even remote from any window. The Philodendron, Monstera the Tradescantia and Delicious are some of them.

Plants for winter color

Finally, we recommend some plant species that give color to their environments. Euphorbia pulcherrima, the Ureisea, the Hippeastrum and Aechmea fasciata, are plants that bloom in winter, and accentuate the color in your home.


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