The pots in the garden

A clay pot or plastic, naked, often not best suited for a lounge, a living room or hallway, not even for a glass-enclosed terrace we have to live there. So almost everyone is looking decorative planters which cover the pot, so that the beauty of the plants from being enhanced.
However, in some environments, clay pots do not clash if they create an appropriate landscaping. With the black plastic, the truth is that little can be done and you'd better hide.
In this chapter, we offer a number of ideas on decorating the garden with pots , which can be used to provide different solutions according to your preferences and needs.

Pots for plants flower or leaf

From individual elements can form a kind of column, which then may be filled with lots of plants in flower or leaf, as you can see in the photograph, which may also be grown strawberries to eat straight from the pot. .. Can you imagine the effect it would cause to his guests as appetizing dessert, served in a manner so original?
Indoors, the column can be placed as a focus of attention in a corner of the living room or entry. But if you prefer, you are perfect on the terrace and courtyard. Being a plastic, need not fear to spoil in the rain.
When mounting, take some precautions. The elements, of itself, weigh little. So, you have to try a weight to the base of the column, filling the last bowl halfway with gravel.
For irrigation water does not wet the floor of the room, place a container underneath to collect it. Fill containers with peat or compost for pots and plant in each of them, placing the plants in the 'bowls' projections.
Watering can be done in two ways: either by pouring enough water in the upper bowl for draining the excess then go to the below, until the last, or pouring water directly into each "cup."
One of the problems that can present this way of growing plants is that they do not have all the same water needs, you can not easily control the risk more than the upper container. One suggestion is to place the plants 'thirsty' at the bottom and it will be less likely to err on the water. By contrast, at the top those who need a strict control of humidity.
You can choose the plants you want, but think that if you are fast-growing, it soon will be forced to transplant older recipients.
One last tip: occasionally clearing the column, to ensure that the roots of container over, do not begin to penetrate the below. If this happened and come to delve deep into the compost from the lower container, could not separate the two without cutting these roots, damaging the plant concerned. And if not cut, both plants would dispute the nutrients from the soil and end up dying weaker.

Hanging baskets inside the house

There are many models to choose from. From wood, rope or macrame pita, which can easily make at home, to metal, wicker, bamboo, etc., Which generally have to buy. The terraces unglazed windows and porches of a cottage and, in some cases, the living rooms are the best places are those pots. Think about where you place them, lest they disturb the passage and can collide with them.
Choose or creeping vines, so that all around the pot boil over.
Expect also that when the roof are closest plants, less light will enjoy.So choose, in each case, the species best adapted to the characteristics of the site. The ferns and ivy, grow well in shady areas.
Irrigation, can pose problems indoors, especially when it comes to large, heavy pots. It would be best to download them every time they need water. This would not be out of the pot or the ground. The pita pots and macrame rope stain very easily, but have the advantage that it can be washed. The wood, if not properly treated against moisture, rot, and the same would happen with wicker and bamboo. Anyway, if you will be very uncomfortable to take the pot, place it under a plastic bowl.

Decorating with pots in the house stairs

It is a good solution to place several plants in a confined space.
The model can be seen in the picture has a rustic look, typical of a terrace or patio. However, this same ladder can be in the style of the furniture in the living room or family room.
Place each pot under a plate of glass or plastic imitation wood, so that nce unnoticed. It will save you a rezcmar the pots, you leave marks. An alternative is to use decorative planters, which are introduced pots. In this case quietly remove them to water them in the bathtub or on the floor of the terrace, where they have eliminated the excess water, put them back in place. Also spray the leaves to prevent water drops turn into small dots printed on the timber.


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