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Decorate your garden with these tiles

Having a well groomed and comfortable garden is one of the desires that have all those who have these pleasant spaces within or outside their homes, but presumably they have can also be a headache when making cleaning, as dirt and moisture that exists in the gardens easily enter our homes.
And this happens frequently, after spending a relaxing and fun time out there or after the children have spent the afternoon playing, because when entering the house, will be in the shoes all the elements that have been stick in the garden.
That is why in many places is customary to place stone tiles, cement, wood or ceramic, so that the transition is made about them. Thus we prevent the removal of mud or moisture to the house, and the fact of entering directly the natural surfaces and prevent their abuse.
baldosa travesura
These tiles for the garden are elements already known in form and materials and arelocated by way of roads along which the inhabitants of the house, is to reach the area of grills, furniture or even break the pool that we installed on the lawn.
baldosa rustica
However, with modern changes in technology and fashion, today you can bevery original tiles decorate our gardens, and beyond serve as protective elements, have become true decorative pieces in them.
Are built to cope with the cold weather of winterand thesunny summer weather, and its resistance does not allow structural damage despite the years.
baldosa tortuga
Human ingenuity allows access to all the forms and shapes for the free choice of the most demanding clients.

Azucena data

The delicious aroma given off by the lilium night, or lily, and the beauty and exuberance of its flowers, place it as one of the most requested bulbous varieties today.
It is frequently seen in vases, as preserved cut flowers fragrance and freshness for a long time, if not exposed to direct sunlight.
But you must not only appeal to buy bouquets of lilies to enjoy this beautiful flower, you can also incubated as part of the plants you have in your garden or pots.
Know what their main characteristics and care:
  • You'll find several varieties of lilies, but the most cultivated are the lilium longiflorum (white flowers) and the hybrids resulting from crosses, resulting in brightly colored flowers, like red, pink or yellow.
  • The period of flowering is located between the spring and summer, extending its duration until the end of the summer season.
  • According to the variety can be planted in autumn or spring, seeking information on thenursery where you purchase this plant.
  • The lily can reach a height of up to 1 meter, so it also can be planted in pots, keeping in mind that several inches Depth required for roots to grow enough space.
  • This plant needs to keep the soil always moist, to prevent flowering is dry.
  • If you notice a lack of flowering, this may be due to the lack of light during periods of growth and a lack of water. It is advisable to pay with calcium nitrate to achieve each year, abundant and beautiful flowers.
Following these tips will have lilies for many years and so enjoy the beauty and fragrance of its flowers all summer. That is why it is best to plant them indecorative pots and place them in the shade in a corner of the inside of your home.

Benches for your garden

One of the rooms of the house over us from the daily routine and allows us to relax with their natural environment is definitely the garden, so, depending on the size of it, must make every effort to decorate it and take it the elements necessary to make this area a refuge of peace and tranquility.
And regardless of how well we have arranged the plants and flowers here, the fact is that we must look for elements that allow us to enjoy all that nature in a comfortable and relaxed. In addition, the decorative aspect of these beautiful spaces should not be neglected, because the atmosphere is part of that relaxation you seek.
For this, the seats are the typical furniture with which it has almost always in the gardens, both for children to meet and play, like to sit with the visits that will eventually come home and we can get a beautiful place showing with the convenience of the case.
Variety of materials on the market for garden furniture such as wood, aluminum, wicker, plastic, iron, among many other options that would look great in these environments, and also we have available a wide range of designs and colorsto achieve the desired style in these natural areas.
Fortunately for the garden look for first is not necessary that the seats in it are the most expensive of the windows, and natural environment that is reserved just to make a space to the rusticto the comfortable and not necessarily ostentatious .
Everything looks good in a garden, you only need to take care that all the decorative elements on it are complete and harmonized set to take a truly relaxing and pleasant space in sight.